Case Study

LeighAcademies Trust

The EO Portal has enabled us to effectively analyse and manage our estate whilst growing as a Trust. It has allowed us carry out benchmarking of new sites against our current ones to understand the cost implication and risk of looking after more academies.

Previously we had taken on a site to discover significant latent defects and building issues which we then had to address using our existing budget, with only a small increase in our School Condition Allocation, impacting upon the work we could do maintaining and improving our existing academies.

The next time we grew the Trust, taking on another site we used Barker Associates to conduct a full condition survey of the estate and then compared this against our existing funding and projected financial outlay as well as our existing sites, this enabled us to gain access to some increased funding to carry out crucial maintenance before agreeing to take the academy on.

This due diligence process was then used when merging with The Williamson Trust enabling us to get a complete picture of what our estate liability would be and aided us in effectively planning for the future.

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